Are Your Clothes Starting to Pile Up?

Bring your dirty laundry to our self-service laundromat in Mills, WY

Doing the laundry is a necessity, but not everyone has a washing machine at home. Thankfully, you can just come to us. Millview Laundromat is a self-service laundromat in Mills, WY. With our coin machines, you can get perfectly clean clothes in no time.

Need to get some laundry done? Visit our laundromat today.

Local Coin Laundry Machines Services

Local Coin Laundry Machines Services

Helping you get your laundry done

When you come to our self-service laundromat, you'll find everything you need to do your laundry. We:

  • Have machines that dispense powder soap and dryer sheets
  • Sell liquid detergent over the counter
  • Keep our laundromat clean
Our team is committed to keeping our coin laundry facility clean and maintaining a comfortable atmosphere. While you're at our laundromat, you'll be perfectly comfortable and safe. Email us now for more information about our coin laundry machines.